Renaissance Academy

Renaissance Academy Program


The Renaissance Academy year is a most remarkable one, following a solid and deeply engaging program that provides the whole child with a strong foundation for academic, social and creative growth.

Although deeply-rooted in the arts, the Renaissance Academy program is strongly focused on academics, student leadership skills and global citizenship. Emphasis is placed on critical thinking, problem solving and collaborative learning and students from this program typically graduate with math and literacy skills well beyond their years.

Advanced Curriculum

Led by both B.C. Certified Elementary school teachers and Early Childhood Educators, this program follows an advanced curriculum in all academic subjects and a schedule that is more similar to an Elementary School. In addition to this, we have incorporated STEM, culture and history, and food and nutrition programs to enhance their early learning foundation. This program has a uniform requirement, and detailed report cards are provided at the end of each term. In addition, a reference letter is given by request upon program completion.

Preparatory Program

This program prepares children for entry into elementary school and is also a great stepping stone for those who are applying to a French Immersion Program or to independent schools.

Our teachers value the self-confidence of our students and work closely with them to ensure they succeed and are well-prepared for their next level of education. Students who graduate from Renaissance Academy demonstrate reading, writing and mathematical abilities well above their age level, and exhibit confidence in themselves when presented with new and challenging tasks.

Small Learning Groups

Classes are taught in small groups to facilitate the more intricate learning that occurs in this program. The low student-to-teacher ratio enables us to structure learning in a personal and meaningful way, focusing on one-on-one engagement and retention. While we challenge our students, we are also able to more easily support them in small groups.

Strong Arts Program

Every child gets the opportunity to partake in various fine art programs, such as Drama, Music, Jazz, and Ballet. Our Fine Arts teachers work collaboratively and are specialized in their areas of expertise.

Experiential Learning

Experiential learning is an integral component of the Renaissance Academy Program. Students participate in a variety of field trips and welcome guests to the classroom during the year to extend what they are learning.

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