It All Starts with the Arts

The Arts Emphasis at Renaissance Kids


Renaissance Kids believes that combining the arts with academics not only enriches the learning experience for children but opens their minds to ask questions and discover more in the world around them. 

Renaissance Kids offers a rich variety of artistic experiences for all students. Art programs, which include Music, Theatre, Dance, and Visual Arts, help to foster students’’ creative spirit. It is a means by which children can express their growing knowledge of the world. Our arts programs allow our students to engage each other creatively and to feel a sense of pride as individuals and as part of the greater school community. Our art programs are all taught by professionally-trained teacher specialists.


The Music program encourages students to develop a love and appreciation of music, and incorporates singing, physical movement, and rhythm instruments.


For our youngest students, dance consists of movement classes that teach coordination, rhythm, and balance. This progresses later on to the instruction of jazz and ballet for our older students


Dramatic play, movement activities and theatre games form the core our theatre program where children find their voice.

Visual Arts

In Visual Arts, students are exposed to a rich variety of media where focus is placed on the exploration of materials and the age-appropriate study of art history and art around the world and in other cultures.

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