How to Apply

Applying to Renaissance Kids

Applying in advance to Renaissance Kids is the best way to ensure acceptance into one of our popular programs. Read below to see the best way how to apply.


We are delighted that you are considering Renaissance Kids in your search for a school for your child. We recommend that your first step, when considering placement in our program, is to book a tour of our facility to ensure that what we offer and what you expect are properly aligned.



Mondays @ 10:00 – 11:30am   |    Thursdays @ 3:00 – 4:00pm


Wednesday – Friday @ 10:15am.

Please note that tours are booked at 30 minute intervals and are only available if pre-booked. To schedule a visit, please contact our admissions office at 604-241-0826 or schedule a visit online.
Upon completion of a tour, parents have the option of being on our Waiting List. We accept applications on an on-going basis and spaces will be offered when openings become available.

Richmond School

See our Richmond School facility

Tsawwassen School

See our Tsawwassen school facility

Looking to see what Renaissance Kids has to offer first hand? Attend one our future admissions events.