Financial Information

Renaissance Kids Tuition and Schedules

We recommend that you schedule a visit of our school to determine the program and schedule that best suits your child and your family. We can then proceed to outline the tuition and fees that are applicable to your choices. 


We acknowledge that children are at various stages of development and that families have different needs which is is why we offer multiple schedule options for your child.


Sibling Discount

For families with 2 or more children in the school, a 10% discount will be applied to the fees of the children with the lesser amount(s).

Southpointe Academy Families

For our Tsawwassen School students, we are pleased to offer the younger siblings of Southpointe Academy students a 5% discount on their tuition fees after any special introductory offers have expired.

Government Subsidy

We accept government subsidies for families who qualify. Please visit Ministry of Children and Family Development for more information.

Looking to see what Renaissance Kids has to offer first hand? Attend one our future admissions events.