Message from our Head of School

Linda Shirley – Head of School

Our 26th season was a busy and exciting one as we began our extensive expansion project, adding an additional 6500 square feet…including a beautiful new library! This project was the crowning glory of our already amazing facility and sets it apart from any childcare facility in the lower mainland. We are delighted to offer your children the unique opportunity to attend a program where academics and the arts blend in a unique and unprecedented way to create a comprehensive program that stimulates their creativity and nurtures their minds to explore new and amazing things.

All of the staff at Renaissance Kids and The Arts Connection derive endless joy from watching all of the children….from the toddlers all the way up to our Renaissance Academy graduates….as they watch the world of learning unfold before them. When they eventually leave us to go to public or private schools, or if they move to new neighborhoods or new countries, we know that the amazing experiences and foundation that they had at Renaissance Kids will go with them and make them inquisitive and creative learners throughout their lifetime.

Additionally, we offer after school and weekend programming that will continue to develop your child’s love of the arts in an environment which is familiar to them and provides a sense of stability as they move on to known territories after their journey at Renaissance Kids ends. By creating a sense of belonging and continuity in their lives, it enables them to maintain relationships with teachers and peers. We encourage you to develop your child’s love of specific art disciplines by providing additional programming for them through our Arts Connection services. With programs in computer coding, robotics, cooking, music, dance, drama, writing, drawing, painting, choir and much more, the sky is the limit when it comes to the amazing things your children can do in our great facility!

I thank our teaching team for their efforts on behalf of your children and wish success to all. I also want to thank all of our families, for believing in what we do, recognizing the quality of our program offerings and for telling your friends about us.

Our Directors

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