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Renaissance Kids: Where your child can discover life

The goal of early childhood education is to promote the development of life-long learners—people who will devote their lives to the pursuit of new knowledge and experiences. In an optimal environment, a collaboration between teachers and parents provides young learners with opportunities that are enlightening, stimulating and creative.

We believe that a true “Renaissance” education combines the arts with academics. One cannot cultivate an understanding of the natural world without also appreciating its beauty and examining its mysteries. Therefore, our children embark upon a journey of inquiry: they question, they explore, then they discover. Each child’s natural curiosity is enhanced by expert teachers who facilitate learning through guided activities that encourage problem solving, communication and confidence.

We consider our students’ needs when designing our curriculum. We do not strictly adhere to one methodology, but instead utilize the most suitable branches of Montessori, Multiple Intelligences, and the Reggio Emilia approach to customize each class experience. Investigation and social development are our highest priorities.

We send children into the world with all the tools they need to build a life of meaning.

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